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An Intro to Play One Note

Published on March 27, 2010

Well, hello, everyone.  I’m glad you all have joined us here on this, our christening.  Play One Note is a psychedelic music blog that employs the operative term “psychedelic” with an extremely wide brush.

God, that sentence sucked.

I’m Tom.  I’ll let Chris do his introduction if he wants to.  Basically, we’re two dudes in Austin who worship texture, drone, and the occasional thunderous, mind-melting riff, and we’re going to use this space to explain why we’re so into this stuff.  Speaking for myself, I’m a big fan of awe and sincerity, and that’s what I’ll focus on with my writing in here.  What’s more, though I occasionally adopt an irreverent tone, I’m pretty serious about this stuff.  I respect music with a psychedelic bent more than anything else.  I thrive on contemplative ruminations, staggeringly epic crescendos, and druggy hypnosis.  My goal is to try to explain why, by writing about some of my favorite albums, new and old.

There’s a couple things I’m not going to try to do with Play One Note.  One is to try to be a crate-digger.  My attention span is too short, my appreciation for all music too manic, to focus on one specific genre with any sort of authority.  If I tried to pigeonhole myself, I would, in all likelihood, quickly lose interest with the blog.  We don’t want that!

Another thing I’m not particularly interested in doing (or equipped to do) is being a barometer of exclusively contemporary music.  I can’t keep up.  I cherish competent, carefully considered music writing, and I can’t reconcile trying to do that while constantly trying to ride the wave of what’s on the horizon.  I’m not big into knowing more about what’s coming out than the next guy, and to try to force that on myself for the purposes of Play One Note would, well, kinda suck.

What I will do is write about artists and albums that I consider “psychedelic” and that I truly, simply, love.  And, as you’ll see, my definition of psychedelia is, generally speaking, wider than most.  Maybe, one day, I’ll tackle that concept itself.


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